An Interview with Actress Jessica Oates

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We sit down with the multi-talented Jessica Oates, the show host of the engaging new podcast series “Self-Rising Flower.” With a background in modeling, acting, and now voice work, Oates brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to her role as the guiding voice of the show. From her early days as a imaginative child performer to her current work in the entertainment industry, Oates shares the lessons she’s learned and the techniques she employs to bring authenticity and relatability to her performances.

What drives you to be a performer and when did you get started?

I think I’ve always been a performer. I grew up as an only child and my parents spoiled me with toys, but nothing compared to my costume bin. I would run up to my room and yank the bin out with excitement to throw together whatever outfit suited me at the moment, only to run back downstairs with even more excitement to put on a show for my parents. I believe there is a natural performer in all of us as we all have a need for self-expression, yet our schedules prioritize so many other things first that self-expression is often overlooked.

What inspired you to venture into voiceovers, particularly for a scripted audio drama like “Self-Rising Flower”?

I’ve been curious about voiceover work since I started my acting career years ago. Growing up kids would sometimes make fun of my deep voice, but I finally gained confidence in my voice through voice acting. I was particularly excited to work on this project because, unlike other voiceover work I’ve done before, “Self-Rising Flower” really tells a story through characters you naturally want to follow along with as their story unfolds.

How do you approach your hosting duties to ensure a smooth and engaging experience for the audience?

I think the most important aspect to keep in mind as a host is the audience. I try to approach it like a conversation, and I picture just one person in my mind to talk with, specifically someone I’m close with and know well. While the specific lines I’m saying may not be very personable, I’ve found that using this technique gives my storytelling a personable and natural touch.

You’ve worked on various projects across different media, how do you adapt your performance style and energy to suit each medium?

Find your truth! Whether it’s acting, voiceover work, or modeling I am always looking for a way I can relate to the story I’m telling. This way the audience can get a sense of ‘me’ through the character or story, and this helps bring life to the story rather than just telling it. The audience can tell if you’re faking it and your heart isn’t fully in it, so make your performance as honest and true to you as you can.

Having worked in the entertainment industry for several years, what have been some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Know yourself! Don’t try to play a character, don’t try to find the voice of the story; find yourself in everything. Authenticity only comes across to the audience when you’re still being yourself in your work. Don’t seem, just be.

How has your experience been collaborating with the “Self-Rising Flower” team, and what aspects of the creative process do you enjoy the most?

My experience on “Self-Rising Flower” and working with Corey for my first time has been great! He’s been very organized from the start and has a great positive energy throughout recording to get all the cast excited and ready to dive into their characters. I personally enjoyed the interview process the most; I just love talking with actors about their creative process. Been a great ride so far and only looking forward to more!


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