Interview with Actor Damian Hill


Damian Hill, a rising star in the world of acting, recently made his voiceover debut as the charming and supportive Shawn Zyaire in the forthcoming podcast series “Self-Rising Flower.” With a passion for the craft and a desire to inspire his children, Hill has embarked on a journey that has taken him from background acting to stage plays and now to the realm of audio storytelling. In this exclusive interview, we chat with Hill about his experiences as a newcomer to the industry, the challenges and rewards of voice acting, and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

As a new actor, what drew you to the world of acting, and what inspired you to audition for the role of Shawn Zyaire in Self-Rising Flower?

Getting into acting really was just to show my children that they could do it as well. Like many, I started with background acting just to see how things worked. Went from that to doing stage plays and now feature films. I thought voice acting would be fun, so when the audition info for the Self Rising came along, I jumped at the chance. It’s also and a good way to continue the practice of acting, because you’re relegated to just words, and how those words are conveyed tells the story.

Diving into acting and voiceover work for the first time can be both exciting and challenging. What have been the most surprising or rewarding aspects of this new experience for you?

The surprising thing is how technical it can be. The recording and manipulation of sound has always been intriguing. The most rewarding has been the feedback and encouragement that I’ve received since I started.

Voice acting requires a different approach compared to traditional acting. How did you prepare for your role as Shawn, and what techniques did you find helpful in conveying emotion and character through your voice?

In my research of voice acting, I learned it is really about breathe control, pacing, and tone. Shawn is educated and successful, so my approach to him was to keep his tone even, smooth, yet could be ‘seen’ as commanding if he needed to be.

Working on Self-Rising Flower alongside a talented cast and crew must have been an incredible learning experience. What valuable lessons or insights have you gained from your fellow actors?

Preparation. I appreciated how prepared everyone was to come in and do the job.

As a newcomer to the acting world, what challenges did you face during the recording process, and how did you overcome them?

Being new, nervousness and uncertainty can creep in easily. My voice can fluctuate in tone depending on what I’m doing, so I had to ensure I was comfortable and close to the mic, to ensure his smooth persona stayed where I needed it.

Now that you’ve completed your voiceover acting role, what are your thoughts on the experience as a whole? Has it ignited a passion for acting, and do you see yourself pursuing more opportunities in the future?

I was saddened when I learned we would be taking a break because I thought we would do the whole series. I felt like I was starting to hit my stride with the character. I hope I’m able to do more voice work as well as continue to progress on my acting career. Have some things lined up already, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in-store for my talents.

Shawn’s character is an integral part of Erika’s journey in Self-Rising Flower. What aspects of Shawn’s personality or story arc resonated with you the most, and how did you work to bring those elements to life through your performance?

I like how supportive and understanding Shawn is of Erica. He seems to genuinely care for her and Aniyah and I can relate to that. I see parallels with him in that he’s a provider, a protector, and patient. Bringing those attributes to life is a matter of how I speak to Erica. He’s very cool with her.


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